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     On Monday, Nov. 18, the Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission approved an additional $300,000 to be added to an existing revenue bond for the purpose of building 6 dedicated pickleball courts at the Oak Knoll Golf Course. SOPA representatives have toured the site and enthusiastically support this location.
     The entire $2.9 million bond covers the replacement of the Daniel Meyer swimming pool, resurfacing tennis courts at Hunter Park, and the construction of the dedicated pickleball courts.
     Money earmarked for pickleball courts includes funds to move the driving range out about 85 feet, create additional parking for pickleballers and for those using the driving range, and court construction. The total length of the driving range will be the same as before. The money comes via the food and beverage tax (so the next time you go out to eat, you can say you’re doing it for our courts!)
     Next steps include soliciting bids for court construction.
     Stay tuned:  Once a bid is finalized and the scope of the project determined, SOPA may step in with fund-raising efforts for additional items such as lighting and shaded seating.

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