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Course Map

Course map for Oak Knoll Golf Course
Hole layout for holes 1/10

Hole 1) Double Trouble
Hit your drive down the right side of the fairway to have the best approach to the green, but be careful: out of bounds awaits you left and right.

Hole 10) Thread the Needle
Your back nine begins with a difficult par-4. A long drive down the right side of the fairway will give you a chance to reach the green.

Hole layout for holes 2/11

Hole 2) Deception
A short par-4, your approach shot can be tricky depending on wind speed and direction.

Hole 11) Into the Great Wide Open
A generous landing area in the fairway will leave you with a long second shot into this straight par-4.

Hole layout for holes 3/12

Hole 3) Bombs Away!
Only the longest hitters can reach this green in regulation, one of the toughest par-4s in the Rogue Valley.

Hole 12) Decisions
A good drive in the fairway could give you an opportunity to go for the green on your second shot. The green slopes to the left, bringing the greenside bunker into play.

Hole layout for holes 4/13

Hole 4) Choose Wisely
Wind direction and pin locations make club selection critical on this tough par-3. Don't forget the stream in front of the green — it's not visible from the tee.

Hole 13) Short & Sweet
The shortest par-3 on the course is still a challenging one. The wide, shallow green is protected by the large bunker in front and the hazard front and left.

Hole layout for holes 5/14

Hole 5) Get Your Kicks
Downwind, this par-5 is reachable in two shots for long hitters. A drive too far to the right will often bounce out of bounds into Hwy 66.

Hole 14) Go for It!
A good drive will catch the slope and give you a chance to reach the green in two, but consider the bunkers protecting the green left and right.

Hole layout for holes 6/15

Hole 6) Hidden Creek
Tee off over the road to this short, downhill par-4. If you hit driver, don't forget the stream that fronts the green.

Hole 15) Line of Sight
This unusual par-3 features a large tree on the left side that can influence what kind of shot you play. Choose your club wisely: anything short will land in the creek, and anything long will catch the hazard behind the green.

Hole layout for holes 7/16

Hole 7) Local Knowledge
Utilize the steep bank to the right, and your shot will bounce toward the green. Once on, a two-putt is a real accomplishment on this small green sloped from back to front.

Hole 16) The Beast
Arguably the toughest par-3 in the Rogue Valley. Most golfers will be forced to hit driver into this small green. Landing it short and chipping up on your second shot is a good option.

Hole layout for holes 8/17

Hole 8) Pit of Dispair
A drive favoring the right side gives you the best angle to the green. Hit your second shot towards the left — any shot too far to the right will settle at the bottom of the steep embankment.

Hole 17) Good Miss
Missing the fairway to the right is not a bad idea. From there, you'll have a better angle into this large, uphill green.

Hole layout for holes 9/18

Hole 9) Top 'o the World
Enjoy the panoramic view from the ninth tee box! A drive in the fairway usually results in a sidehill/uphill second shot to a steeply-sloping green.

Hole 18) Risk/Reward
A long drive to the right side of the fairway will often bounce left, into the flat portion of the fairway. But be careful: if your drive stays on the hillside, you'll have a very tough second shot.

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