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Audubon Sanctuary

At Oak Knoll Golf Course we are commited to providing a quality golf experience while maintaing quality wildlife habitat.
The natural environment and the game of golf are intertwined and have been since the beginning. We believe 
it is our responsibilty to coexist with nature in a way that preserves and enhances it. Whether during a round of golf
or one of our monthly bird walks you are sure to enjoy the variety of wildlife that calls our course home.
Did you know we organize monthly bird walks at our golf course? Want to join us?
Contact Patrick Oropallo for more information.

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eBird Checklist October 8, 2021
eBird Checklist September 8, 2021
eBird Checklist July 9, 2021
eBird Checklist May 13, 2021
eBird Checklist April 15, 2021
eBird Checklist April 1, 2021
eBird Checklist March 2, 2021

Photos and eBird checklists are submitted by the passionate volunteers who support our mission to be an environmentally responsible golf course. 

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